Association of Innnerwheel Clubs in India

Installation Photo of Association Presidents

Installation Photo of Association President 2008-09

Birth of Inner Wheel in India: The first Club in India was formed at Ahmedabad in 1955. Mrs. Minnie Camma was the Charter President of Inner Wheel Club of Ahmedabad. Slowly the Inner Wheel movement spread its wings to other cities in India. Four Districts, Dist. 75,Dist. 317(S), 315, and Dist. 310 were formed in the year 1966 – 67.

When the first International Inner Wheel President Lavender Weightman visited India there were 22 Clubs with three Inner Wheel Districts. And by the end of her term as International President there were 85 Clubs with 2000 members in India.

A National Council was formed in the year 1968 with Dr. Malti Rana as the first International Inner Wheer Representative (I.I.W.R). District 75 was later changed to Dist 305. 1970 saw more Districts added to the National Council. Dist 320, 318, 314. 310, and 311. Dr. Malti was followed by Dr. Dipika Shah, Malati Ramakrishna Rao, Meher Framjee, Asma Mascati and Nagamani Chandrashekar as I.I.W.R’s.

Birth of the Association: On the 1st of July 1976 the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India andSri Lanka was born with Raksha Mehta as the first Association President. The first Association President Mrs. Raksha Mehta was installed on the 11th of July 1976 in Bombay. The Association had a Governing body with 10 Council Members from Districts 305, 306, 310, 311, 314, 315, 317, 318, 320 and 321.

Association Council Meetings were held on 11th & 12th July 1976 and 9th , 10th of February 1977 at Bombay and Madras respectively. The Council worked to consolidate and improve the administrative work of the Districts. Some guidelines for District Conferences and Assemblies were formulated at the Council Meeting held at Madras. Discussions on division of Dist 310, 318, and 321 were held. Dist 310 bifurcated into 309 and 310 with 14 Clubs each. Dist 318 divided into Dist 318 and Dist 319 with 24 Clubs and 19 Clubs respectively. Dist 321 did not wish to bifurcate, six clubs of Sri Lanka did not wish to bifurcate either. The four non Districted Clubs in Dist 325 formed a new District 325 which was later renumbered as Dist 329.

The first Association Conference was organized by the Council and was held in Bombay on the 5th/ 6th January 1977. About 410 Delegates attended from all parts of India and Sri Lanka attended.

In 1985 Both Sri Lanka and Bangladesh became separate entities.

Silver Jubilee: The Silver Jubilee of the Association was celebrated on 18th – 19th December 2001 at Mumbai. It was but natural for Mrs. Raksha Mehtha as Chairman of the Silver Jubilee Committee to host the Silver Jubilee celebrations in Dist 314, the birthplace of our association. IIW President Mrs. Carole Buchanan was the Chief Guest.

Silver Jubilee Project: The Silver Jubilee Celebrations brought more than 800 Clubs in India together to work unitedly for helping the victims of the devastating earthquake in Gujarat. The focus was on Children and Education.

Constructed 7 Balwadi’s, provided certain infra structure facilities like equipments, Teachers and nutritional meals for the children. Three Multi Purpose Community Halls were constructed. Scholarships for Standard 12th Students, Children who had lost either one parent or both in the catastrophe were selected. 150 Children were helped. Constructed a Primary Health Centre.

The Association was fortunate in getting funds from various sources. All the District in India, 9th Triennial Conference, IIWR’s Forum personal donations, help from IW Club of Milano Sempione ( District 204) Inner Wheel District 204 (Italy), IW Club of Ankora(Rome), IW Club of Geneva ( Switzerland) Dist 199, IW Club of Athens North Dist 247, New Zealand and Bangladesh helped in various projects.

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